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Golden Dough was founded in 1989 in Mississauga and we have been serving authentic Middle Eastern food in Canada since then. Fresh pastries and grilling recipes are coming out of our kitchen every day to comfort our customers. The irresistible smell of our food takes over the street where we are located! That’s how most of our long-term customers found us. Once they tried our Middle Eastern food, they could never go without it again!

We have a few secrets of our success that we will share with you now.

  • Authentic recipes coming from the Middle East, without changing them to adjust to other cultures.

If you tried Middle Eastern food somewhere else, you might have thought “it’s fine but it’s just not the same…”. Well, with us is not the same, it’s even better! But the original recipe stays to cherish the spirit of Arab countries.

  • High-quality ingredients.

We use ingredients of the highest quality in our Middle Eastern cuisine. All the products in our kitchen are safe and clean.

  • Love for our culture, traditional cuisine, and our customers.

The Golden Dough team loves food from the Middle East so we love making it, and love sharing it with our consumers! We enjoy mixing the ingredients and coming up with delicious miracles! At the same time, we are promoting our culture in Canada, which makes us extremely proud.

Order Food from the Comfort of Your Home

We offer fast and safe Arab food delivery. You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy our specialties. Just call us, let us know what you would like to eat, and where we can deliver your order. Our team is quick to prepare food and quick to deliver it! 

Before ordering the Arab food delivery, take your time to go through our rich menu. We have tasty foods for every occasion. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. Also, we can prepare custom meals per your request.

Residential Arab Food Delivery

Good food is the key to fun events with friends and family! We have outstanding Arab food delivery that covers family reunions, holidays, weddings, collective Ramadan meals, and other events that you may organize. Our catering ideas are wide! You can go through our menu and select the Middle Eastern food that you want us to prepare for you. If you need any advice, our team will gladly recommend the best foods for your event. Of course, you don’t need to organize an event to order our food. You can request anything from our menu whenever you want, even when you are alone. If you want to enjoy delicious Arab food, just let us know. Share your address with us and expect your fresh order at the door soon!

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Commercial Arab Food Delivery

Get in touch with our servers for a full catering experience for your commercial events. We will show you an extensive menu and create a package that will meet your needs. You can order any type of Middle Eastern food at Golden Dough and use it to impress your guests. With our Arab food delivery, we will prepare your food and deliver it to the place of the event. The pastries will be fresh and warm, ready to leave a good impression! Seminars, conferences, meetings, product launches, promotions… We are at your service at all times! Not only will we fill the tables with colorful, nice-looking food, we will also make your guests enjoy every bite. If you are promoting yourself or your business, every aspect of the event should be classy. We will take care of the catering part!


Happy customers


“Honestly it’s the best Manakeesh I’ve had in Mississauga. I come here regularly for breakfast and they never disappoint, always fresh and delicious! I would highly recommend!”

Stephany D.


“It is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Missisauga. One of the best Manouche Zaatar and cheese maker very tasty made to perfection. Definitely recommended.”

Abd Moumne


“Loved the place. It was our first time dining here. The food was delicious! Servers were very helpful and timely, Especially Dalia. Amazing food and service. I rarely give a place five stars. But Golden dough deserves it.”

Maryamabro Hormiz